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About Kickstart Trainer

Kickstart Trainer is an extension of The HQ Club, the brainchild of Paul Moore who has experience in owning and operating multiple businesses in Finance, Recruitment, Travel and Leisure, Media, Call Centres, Data, Publishing, Marketing, Claims and Overseas Property.

Having spent many years in various businesses and sectors, both B2B and B2C, the team have experienced the pitfalls of running businesses both large and small. Having built businesses across four continents, generating millions of pounds in turnover in Travel & Leisure, Lead Generation, Online Affiliate Marketing and Finance Sectors both commercial and personal and many more, we have seen the problems and had to battle them head-on. Recruitment and training are no different to this and having successfully deployed training programmes in our businesses, and for our members, we took this a step further to offer it to all companies who are taking on staff through the Kickstart Scheme.

We wanted to create and deliver the most comprehensive training for the scheme that the market has seen and provide exceptional value to the employer and the employee in terms of both pricing and content.

Our comprehensive courses not only meet the standard training requirements of the Kickstart Scheme, but they go above and beyond it too. We provide complete wraparound training support, which is fully funded and specifically designed to meet the Government Kickstart Scheme requirements launched in November 2020. 

Fully CPD accredited, Kickstart Trainer provides solutions that cover a wide array of industry-specific training requirements on top of the enhanced employability skills training we offer. 

Mentoring, Employability Skills, Training and Support for the Kickstart Scheme

Whatever industry you are in, and whatever the position you are recruiting for, our comprehensive Kickstart training courses can be tailored to meet your requirements as a business and meet the training levels required by you.


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Customer Care


Fashion & Design



Food Safety

Health & Safety


Hospitality & Tourism



Personal Development

Professional Development



Teams & Management



At Kickstart Trainer, we fully understand the importance of the Kickstart Scheme, not just to help stimulate the economy and help businesses, but to provide opportunities for 16-24-year-olds who may not otherwise get this chance. We can tailor our courses to match different levels of education and experience, and if, even with the 1-2 1 mentoring support provided, that the placement doesn’t work out, we will still provide training support to the employee after you have found a replacement.

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