Frequently Asked Question’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to provide training for the Kickstart Scheme?

A key requirement for the Kickstart Scheme is to provide employability support to young people aged 16-24. This is a mandatory requirement of the scheme and the Government provide the funding to ensure that this takes place. We know that you may be able to offer training in-house to do this, however, we offer a solution that meets all of the Kickstart Scheme requirements and takes the hassle away from you.

All of the training provided has been designed and collated around the young people that will be on the Kickstart Scheme, ensuring that we are providing training on life skills as well as employability skills that will help them not only in their future career but also whilst they are working with you right now.

When is the training delivered?

We deliver the training in staggered stages so that they can complete this alongside the work that they are doing for you. At the start of the placement, one of our trained employability mentors will contact them to determine the level of skill and experience that they have already and create the course that they will follow. These skills will be delivered in an order that best suits the role they are working in and any previous experience that they have. Everything is online, reducing the time that the training takes and also giving them the opportunity to do further relevant learning in their own time.

How much does the training cost?

Because the training is fully funded through the Kickstart Scheme, the cost to you as a business is nothing.

Is the spending of the grant money monitored?

You are required to use the grant funding in accordance with the rules of the Kickstart Scheme. Both the Gateway and the DWP have the power in the grant agreement to monitor and audit compliance if required.

How long will the application process take and when can a Kickstart placement start?

It typically takes 4-6 weeks for the DWP to approve an application and the placement can start once you have received applications from the job centre and have selected the candidate that you want to hire.

How and when will the Kickstart employee's wages be paid?

As the employer, you must initially pay your Kickstart employees in line with your usual payroll procedures. The grant funding to pay the young person’s salary will be paid in monthly arrears when the DWP have verified via HMRC and RTI that they are:

  • enrolled on the Employer’s payroll
  • being paid through PAYE

Will the £1500 grant be paid again if a different candidate is taken on for a new 6-month period at the end of the first 6 month placement?

Yes – the training grant is paid per candidate – not per vacancy

What if the placement finishes before the end of the 6 months?

You have the right to terminate the placement early or a candidate may choose to leave your employment before the end of the 6 month placement. In either case, you will not have to repay the £1500 grant.

Can candidates work from home if the necessary equipment is provided?

Yes, this should not be a problem as long as you still conduct a risk assessment and have suitable working procedures in place.

When and how will the £1500 grant be paid?

Once the placement has been confirmed, the payment of up to £1500 will be within the first two weeks of the claimant starting. You will receive this money minus any deduction for the training packages delivered by Kickstart Trainer.

If I apply for more than one placement, do I need to have all places filled before a candidate can start or can they be onboarded over time?

The Kickstart scheme is set to last until the end of 2021 so claimants can start placements at different times as long as they have all started by December 2021.

What candidates can apply for the scheme?

The scheme is only open to Universal Credit (UC) claimants. You may have a specific person in mind for the scheme and you may want to recommend that they apply for UC if they are not already in receipt of it. If they are then found to be eligible, then they can apply for a Kickstart placement with you once your placement is live on the UC system.

Do I have the ability to interview and select the right candidate from the CV’s that are sent from the DWP?

You can and should interview the candidates in order to select the right person for the role. Remember that we help support with all of the employability skills training as well as more specialised training so look to recruit on attitude as opposed to experience.

Will we need to provide a contract to the employee?

The employees hired through the Kickstart Scheme should be as any other employee would be and have the same protections and rights in employment law. We recommend the use of a fixed-term contract covering the life of the Kickstart placement as well as ensuring that you have the correct insurances in place and other documentation relating specifically to young workers. If you need additional help with this then please get in touch.

Can the employee move from a Kickstart placement onto an apprenticeship?

Yes. You can move any Kickstart employee on to an apprenticeship, at the end of their 6 month placement.

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